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The Classified Ad Section is an area where members of the TiffinRVNetwork can go to place advertisements of any RV related items they wish to offer for sale. Anyone can view these ads and contact the seller. No registration is necessary. However, if you wish to offer something for sale you must first register. This is a separate registration from the forum and you can use the same login name and password if you wish but it does not have to be the same. In addition, you'll be asked for pertinent contact information, such as phone number, email, and address so that anyone wishing to purchase your item knows how to contact you and where to send the payment to. This information is not publicly displayed and will be limited to exchange between a purchaser and seller.

Note that these ads are strictly designed for members who wish to sell items they personally own. No dealer, realtor or other commercial ads will be accepted.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I navigate the website?

I can't see any photos or navigate the site

How do I search for ads

Why do I need to register?

Once I'm registered, how do I login?

How do I submit a new ad?

How do I add photos to an existing ad?

I try to submit a new ad but it crashes and fails

I submitted an ad but don't see it

How long will my ad run?

My motorome's location is shown wrong

How do I make changes to my ad?

My photos are sideways or not showing

I can't seem to renew my ad

I need to remove my ad

How To Create Effective Ads

The ads are organized, or classified, within categories - that's why they're called classified ads. When the home page is displayed you'll see a selection of categories that will help narrow down your search for items of interest. In addition, a sidebar menu is found on the far left of each page. This menu lets you navigate to the other features of our site, such as the forum or RV Tech Library. It also lets you choose to search for a particular item or to submit a new classified ad of your own. It gives you access to this help page also, but you already know that or else you wouldn't be here.

Once you have selected one of the category pages you'll be presented with a scrolling list of ads. The listing shows a brief description, the ad number, a thumbnail picture, as well as the price. Simply click on any one of these areas to display that particular ad in detail. Once an ad is displayed you'll see all of the pertinent details as well as a number of small thumbnail images. Simply click on one of these thumbnails to see that image displayed in a larger size in this page. If you click on the larger image a new browser window will open and that image will be displayed super sized for an even larger view. If you want to contact the seller select the "Click Here to Contact Owner" option and an email form will open for you to ask any questions you may have for the seller.

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This is generally the cause of an overly restrictive firewall setting or third party popup blocker installed on your web browser. The site does use JavaScript to navigate pages and display images so if you have JavaScript disabled or your popup blocker enabled without establishing trvnclassifieds as an approved website you will have issues trying to display these pages.

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Selecting the "Search For Ads" selection from either of the menus will take you to the search submission page. You can enter your search query here, limiting it to 4 words. The search utility will search the database and display a listing of all ads that match your search criteria. You may then click on any of the listed items to go directly to that particular ad.

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Why Do I Need to Register?

Maybe you don't have to register. If all you want to do is view the ads or maybe purchase an item, you do not need to register. However, if you want to place an ad in the classifieds you do need to register on this site, using the "Register" menu selection on the left sidebar menu. The Classified Ad website is part of the TiffinRVNetwork but does not utilize the same database as the popular TRVN forum so even though you may be registered on the TRVN forum, this does not give you access to place an ad in the classifieds. You will need to register here in the classifieds section before you can place an ad. You can use the same username as you do on the forum if you so choose or you can use a different username and password. The choice is yours. Once you have registered plwease be patient while your registration is approved by an administrator. That may take 10 minutes or can be up to two days depending on how busy us volunteers are with our normal jobs.

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Once I'm Registered, How Do I Login?

Once you are registered you will receive an email stating you are approved and advising you of your username and password. You can then go to the login screen via the left sidebar menu or the top menu bar and login with those credentials. Once logged in you will see your username displayed in yellow text at the top of the screen. A cookie will be placed on your computer that retains this login information for 90 days so you don't have to login every time you visit the site. If you wish to logout and delete this cookie you can do so at the logout prompt in those same menus. You can still view any ads after you logout but will not be able to edit any existing ads that you have placed or submit any new ads until you login. If you forgot your username or password you can retrieve them from the login page via the appropriate links.

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How Do I Submit A New Ad?

You can submit a new classified ad by selecting the menu selection on the left sidebar menu. If you are not logged in you will need to login or register if you have not yet registered before you can do this. Note that your contact information is not visible to others when browsing other than your city, state and phone number. The full contact information is only used by an administrator to verify that you are not a spammer. Don't worry, you're not going to get any spam or correspondence from us and we do not sell your name to any mailing lists. This information is kept private.

The very first thing to do is to decide how many pictures you have that you would like to use in your ad. Pictures help sell things so it's preferable to use them. If you have no pictures, that's okay. Your ad will still place but unless it's a real simple item you may have trouble selling it. You can place a maximum of 10 pictures in your ad. They need to be JPG, GIF, or PNG pictures. Don't worry about sizing them. The software will automatically create thumbnails and resize the images to the proper display sizes. However, some ISPs limit how many megabytes you can upload at one time so you may need to resize your photos to a smaller size or try less photos if this happens and your photos don't show up.

Next, choose a category that best fits your item from the pull down menu. Then fill in the information that best describes your item. If it's a motorhome, you'll be given lots of boxes to fill in. They don't all have to be filled in but the more information you include, the better your ad will be and you'll have less questions to answer later on. Once you've filled everything in and provided a good description, a confirmation screen will appear that shows you your ad. If it needs correction select "Modify" to change that data. If it looks good, select "Submit" to post that data. If you have entered a quantity other than zero in the number of pictures form field, the next screen will display a browse window where you may select the pictures from your hard drive that you want to upload. Select the pictures that you want to display, up to a maximum of ten and select "continue". The software will upload the pictures to the website from your local PC and create the ad in a temporary file. This is so that an administrator can filter out any spam ads and approve the legitimate ones.

Once everything is complete, an administrator will be notified. After a quick review to assure suitability for our site it will be approved and you will receive an email notice advising you that your ad is now active.

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How Do I Add Photos to an Existing ?

If you have an existing ad that you want to add photos to, you can do this easily. If you are not logged in you will need to login before you can do this. Then view your ad's display page or select "Edit your Existing Ad" from the left sidebar menu. At the bottom of the ad's display page there will be a link to edit your ad. Follow the links to edit or add photos. Keep in mind that yopu will also need to edit the "Number of Photos" display field as well else the ad will not display any photos above that number.

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I Try to Submit a New Ad But it Crashes and Fails:

One of the most frustrating things is when you prepare a new ad and hit submit only to have the upload fail. Typically this is a problem on your end or your ISP (Internet Service Provider), and not on our server's receiving end. Some ISPs impose limits on how many megabytes of data can be uploaded at one time. This is done to prevent a virus infected PC from uploading tons of spam or just to throttle their customers to limit their bandwidth usage. The system will take photos with large pixel counts and resize them to a smaller size more suitable for website display. However, if you are uploading a large amount of high resolution photos this may cause your ISP's connection to drop the transfer. If that happens, your ad will never get uploaded to our server. This dropped transfer can also occur if you have a marginal wi-fi connection and may even occur if you don't have many photos to upload, depending on how bad your campground's wi-fi connection is.

If your upload fails, there are two workarounds you can use to get around this limitation. The goal is to reduce the total megabytes that you are going to transfer. The first method is to resize your photos to a smaller pixel count. The largest size image that the ad will use is 1024x768 pixels. Anything larger than that will be wasted and removed once the system resizes your photos so you can reduce your total upload bandwidth by resizing any high resolution photos on your computer prior to uploading them. This can be done in whatever photo editing software you have on your computer. If editing photos is beyond your computing ability there is a second method that will work to reduce your upload bandwidth. This involves reducing the number of photos that you are uploading. Rather than try to upload 10 large photos, reduce that amount to maybe 4 photos. This may be enough to get you past your ISP's bandwidth limitations. Note that these limitations are pre-upload so once your ad is approved and running, you can then go in and edit your ad and add any additional photos one at a time. This two step process will allow you to bypass any bandwidth limits without requiring any knowledge of how to operate your photo editing software.

I Submitted an Ad but I Don't See It:

When you submit an ad it is sent to an approval queue. An administrator will view the ad and approve it if a valid ad or deny it if it is spam or fails to meet our regulations. We are volunteers and do have other things to do so please be patient. Most ads are approved within 24 hours. Once approved you will receive an email notice advising you that your ad is now active. If you don't see your ad or get an email response by the third day, chances are the upload failed. You can send an email to to inquire about it.

How Long Will my Ad Run?:

These ads won't remain on the system indefinitely. Too many users have placed ads and never taken them off after they have been sold. The system sets up a 90 day time frame for these ads to run. After that an automated email will be sent to owners of all ads that are over 90 days advising them to renew their ad. Renewing is a simple process and you can do that right from that ad's display page by clicking on the link. You have the option of extending the ad another 30 or 60 days as well as deleting the ad if you no longer want that ad to run. You can do this indefinitely so as long as you continue to renew it ever 60 days or so the ad will continue to run. If you fail to renew it the system will automatically delete it. Once deleted it cannot be reinstated because its gone so pay attention to your email or else you will have to start all over again and redo the ad. The renewal link at the bottom of your ad will only appear on the ads that belong to you. Other viewers will not see that link.

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I Can't Seem to Renew My Ad:

As mentioned above, the link to renew your ad will appear at the bottom of the ad's display page. However it can only be seen by the person who placed the ad. In order to do that the system needs to identify you as the owner of the ad. This means that you need to be logged into the system before you will see that link. If you are logged in your username will be shown in yellow text at the top of the screen. If it's not showing, you are not logged in and you won't see the link. In some cases a user has registered twice under two different usernames. You need to make sure that the username displayed at the top is the same username as shown near the bottom of your ad's display page or else you won't see the renewal link.

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My Motorhome's Location is Shown Wrong:

Your ad will display the address and contact information that is in your user profile. If the coach location is different than what your user profile address is you have two options. One, you can change your user profile to reflect the new address. Two, you can add a statement to that effect in the main text area of your ad.

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How Do I Make Changes to My Ad?

First of all, just as in the above section on renewing an ad, you do need to be logged in correctly before you can edit your ad. If you decide that you need to make a change to one of your ads that you've previously made, choose the "Edit an Existing Ad" selection on the left sidebar menu to access that utility. Note that you cannot change another person's ads, only those that you have made. In addition, you can replace or add pictures to an existing ad within that same utility. Whenever you view an ad that does belong top you, a link will appear at the bottom of the screen that allows you to edit that ad as well so you can access the edit feature with either of these two methods.

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My Photos are Sideways or Not Showing:

Whenever you take a photo, your camera sets it in the orientation it was shot in, either landscape (horizontal) or portrait (vertical). The problem is that most people don't use cameras any more and do everything with their smart phone. The phones automatically rotate the image in the view screen but don't actually rotate the image itself. So, while your image may apperar in the right orientation on your phone, regardless of which way your turn your phone, the actual image file does not change. Once you upload that image to your website ad it might show up as sideways or even upside down. There are two ways to correct this. One is to figure out which way is the best way to hold the phone so that the image will be taken in the correct order. You can reshoot the photo and upload it over the wrong one by editing your ad and the new image will replace the old image. The other method is to load your photos into a software program that allows you to edit your photos - most likely on a PC. Once you have it in the correct orientation you can save it and then upload it to your ad and it will be in the correct orientation. In some image editing programs the image will automatically be rotated, just like in your phone or tablet. Either way, be sure to save iot once it is oriented correctly, even if you don't see any changes, then upload it to your ad. The best practice to always use landscape format when taking a photo for your classified ad.

In some cases your ad may run but your photos are blank and have an "X" in them instead. In this case your photo or photos did not make it to the server or are upside down or sideways you can go in and edit your ad (see paragraph above) and upload a new photo to replace the bad one.

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I Need to Remove My Ad:

Once you have sold the item, be sure to remove it from the Classified Ads so that other RVers don't continue to contact you. To do this, access your ad's display page. A link will be displayed at the bottom of your ad that you can click to remove the ad. If you do not remove it the system will automatically delete the ad once you reach its renewal date.

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We've tried to make the Classified Ad Section as comprehensive as possible while still keeping it a user friendly site that's easy for anyone to navigate. Our goal is to make it a valuable resource that you will enjoy.

We highly recommend that you check out the How To Create Effective Classified Ads page for some tips on how to create effective ads that sell.


Absolutely No Affiliation exists between this group and Tiffin Motor Homes Inc or the Allegro Club. This website neither endorses or discourages the use or purchase of any products offered for sale on this website. All ad content is the sole responsibility of the person placing the ad and any verification of authenticity rests with the buyer. Neither Tiffin Motor Homes Inc. nor the website administration endorse or accept any responsibility regarding any transaction occuring between the selling party and buyer of any item offered for sale on this website.

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